IMG_2118.jpgAstronomy is an exciting hobby.  I have personally been interested in the subject since I was in the second grade, when I checked every astronomy book that our school library had on the shelves and read them voraciously.  I also remember getting my first telescope and all of the excitement that brought.  I would gaze up in the sky for hours through that scope, even though it was freezing cold outside.  Getting started in astronomy can be a great deal of fun, but it does not have to be extremely expensive.  All you need is some information and you can start to explore the constellations, the brighter deep sky objects, and the beauty of the milky way.  With nothing more than your eyes on any clear night, you can also witness satellites wandering amongst the stars, meteors streaking across the sky, and various solar system objects such as the moon and plants.  Once in awhile you can also witness exciting astronomical events such as auroras, meteor showers,  and eclipses, if you look at the right times.  Many people, after this initial excitement, find that they want more.  They almost immediately rush out to buy equipment.  I would certainly encourage you to explore the hobby further.  With telescopes, there are literally thousands of interesting astronomical objects that you can view and even more that you can photograph.  But you would be surprised at how much you can actually see with just a regular pair of binoculars and you might also be suprised you can start doing astrophotography with just a regular DSLR on a tripod.  So before you run out and buy lots of telescopes, telescope mounts, expensive cameras, and all sorts of astronomical gear, I would recommend that you join a club and/or do some research into the hobby.  Many amateur astronomers would be glad to let you look at or through their equipment and often when you join a club, you can borrow some gear you might not yet own to see if you like it.  I am hoping that through some of the things on this website, that I can help you dive into this hobby a little further and help you find that you can do astronomy too!

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